Why Cashmere?

Because a cashmere jumper is a dynamic and resourceful garment. A loyal friend who comfortably embraces us while we are busy living our lives or doing what we love.

Cashmere is easy to wear – an effortless wardrobe essential that offers a set of complex features.

So convenient and yet so stylish.

There are many other contrasting facts about cashmere, which confirms how fascinating this material is:


Ancient vs. modern

Biblical passages mention the use of goat’s hair (most likely from the Angora goat) used especifically to decorate the tabernacle1. This natural fibre had always its place of significance throughout our history, and to this day the luxurious and prestigious appeal remains. Traditional knitwear expertise meets innovative, modern design and advanced technology.


Luxurious despite the humble origin

Far in terms of distance and lifestyle, the herders from central Asia couldn’t lead a more different way of life from the rich fashion world of New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.

However, the cashmere goats are the common link between the pastoralists and the fashion catwalks.


Sophisticated vs. minimalist

Clean, simple and quality designs are the best way to let the luxurious essence of cashmere to shine. The perfect material to translate a laid-back style that is still refined.


Timeless but still fashionable

Cashmere products do not stretch and do not fade as long as you take proper care. They are investments that will last. Cashmere is eternal, and classic styles rarely date. Cashmere is the ultimate embodiment of the slow fashion concept.


Appropriate for outdoor activities and urban lifestyle

Cashmere naturally absorbs UV rays. Great companion not only when hiking mountains but also after the sunset at the beach. It’s a comfortable fashion statement during and after office hours.

Cashmere-on-bare-skin-or-on layers

Can be worn next to skin or in strategic layers

You can wear a premium cashmere by itself, as a base, mid or shell layers. All options have proved to be efficient when it comes to benefiting from a breathable, high-quality cashmere sweater.

Cashmere-on-bare-skin-or-on layers

Expensive but so worth the investment

Think about the cost per wear since you can potentially wear your lightweight cashmere jumper throughout the year for at least  30 years. Check our ‘Cashmere Care Guide’ to learn how to get the most out of this investment.


 Light and yet warmer

Being the weight of cashmere and merino wool equal, grade A cashmere can be 8 times warmer.


temperature insulating and at the same time moisture wicking

Both actions work interdependently, resulting in a peculiar temperature-regulating behaviour, where moisture and heat are connected2


Soft but strong

The finer the fibre, the softer and stronger it is. Read more about physical properties of cashmere that affects its durability.

Cashmere-long-lasting-and biodegradable

Long lasting and yet biodegradable

Cashmere decomposes under the soil after 1 year, but if well looked after, it can become an heirloom item.


Hydrophobic + able to absorb water

Able to repel liquids, cashmere can also retain around one-third of its own weight when submerged in water.

Our Cashmere Quality

Our Cashmere - Step 2: Sorting and Washing cashmere fleece. Our cashmere is exclusively A grade, white originated from Inner Mongolia.
Our Cashmere - Step 4 - The 2/28 Nm means that 28 metres of single ply yarn weighs 1 gram. Therefore, 2/36 Nm is a finer and more expensive yarn. Our yarns are woollen spun and we focus on 2/36 Nm and 2/28 Nm counts of cashmere yarn for our knitwear collection.

our cashmere softens over time


This comparison proves that a top quality A grade cashmere jumper will only improve its softness over time.

We tend to think that the softer the cashmere garment feels in the store, the higher is the quality.

Cheaper cashmere brands are aware of this perception, so they subject their goods to undergo a more severe washing during the manufacturing process, which causes a premature end of the knit’s lifespan.

What’s more, a brand new cashmere jumper presenting over fuzziness can also imply that shorter or a mix between long and shorter fibres was used in its construction.

This is the reason why we sometimes we find low-quality cashmere that feels exceptionally soft when we go shopping. Maybe even softer than legitimate grade A products.

When you shop your cashmere knitwear with us, it will look like the jumper 2 in the photo above.

Jumper 1 was worn 14 times during a 4 week period; with a 1-day gap between each usage. We then de-pilled and washed it (following step by step the laundering instructions available in our ‘Cashmere Care Guide’), and took a photo side by side with jumper 2.

Comparing the shadows of each jumper (perhaps an easier way to differentiate both knits as it’s hard to depict softness on photo), we noticed that fibres on jumper 1 are fluffed out, resulting in a softer touch than jumper 2.

This proves that a top quality A grade cashmere jumper will only improve its softness over the time.

It will age significantly better than over-washed treated garments made out of lower quality grades and material blended yarns. Not to mention that it will last way longer too!


  1. Goat’s hair mentions in the Bible: “All the women whose hearts stirred them to use their skill spun the goats’ hair.” (Exodus 35:26); “You shall also make curtains of goats’ hair for a tent over the tabernacle; eleven curtains shall you make.” (Exodus 26:7). See also 1 Samuel 19:13
  2. Somehow cashmere fibre stops insulating our body after detecting sweat. Then it takes on the task of absorbing it. Quickly, the perspiration evaporates into the air keeping us dry, while avoiding odour to spread. The insulating action resumes once there is no more moisture. This mechanism explains why a cashmere sweater is warm during the cold winter as well as practical in summer.